It was cold rainy evening on Friday I went into Gombe State University rubbernecking through the blossoming garden. I was thrilled as I breathed the faint smell of roses in the air, imagining sitting beside a beloved one exchanging pleasantries. There were students trekking up to the gate, leaving the campus for home while some sitting in what they call love garden.  The scene catapulted my mind to the world of recollection and imagination. Kissing my barren heart were those good old days we had on campus when there were few students compared to now. But we were not opportune to live like our successors.

My mind was bedevilled by some emotional thoughts; lovely lines from thousand pages of book of life started running helter-skelter. Suddenly, I was overshadowed with the thought of how, where and when to get who to be with as a life partner after I forsook all my possessions due to a detrimental, egocentric and catastrophic social cyclone that struck my innocent and thirsty soul.

A befriended fear and dreadful doubt belied my strength and turned my weakling optimistic psyche to pessimism while reflecting upon the foregone reminiscences that painted if not all most of the gloating and fake smiling faces black, keeping in mind the saying: “not all that glitters is gold”. That was how I kept biking up to the venue.

While awaiting the arrival of the audience, I sat under a ceiling fan fanning a lilting air drying my sweated forehead for couple of minutes. Since bitter and butter are two side of the same coin, I made a paradigm shift navigating the later; then came in the statement made by Nelson Mandela: “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”. Thus, the speedometer of my bewilderment rolled anticlockwise and knocked again the door of the saying: “Whoever is perseverant is favoured, the fruit of patience is victory, when turmoil increases, it causes ease to come”. (Aaidh Ibn A Qarni: Don’t be Sad pg320).

I later on took my phone out of my pocket and placed a call to one of the four men and a lady while giving the rest a drop call to ask for their whereabouts. I couldn’t call neither Mr Samson Kefas Galadima the President nor his vice President Ms Hassana Muhammed Baba for the ruled only suppose to give a drop call to show his allegiance. Mr Muhammad Isa Gaude who chairs Gombe Jewel Writers Association and Comrade Hammad Abubakar Mohmoud the recently sworn in President Faculty of Science, Gombe State University albeit a servant to Bolawa Dynasty are also to call not to be called having the same supremacy in mind.

After giving the four a drop call, I scrolled down and called Ibrahim Yusuf, he picked up the call unbeknown to me for I was mesmerized by a tall petite lady of fair complexion, round face, blushing cheeks, bold eyes and aquiline nose coming towards me for the program. I was totally beclouded, completely eclipsed and entirely allured by her mind blowing Islamic outing. She was wearing a plain red hijab which fitted her slim body. I crossed my arms eyeing the chameleonic walk of the ravishing and gorgeous looking damsel. In soliloquy, came from within me ” So blessed be the almighty, the best of creators”.

I have seen a lady who could butt in on to my life and chase all my pain

I have seen a lady who is an epitome of my wish that could mend my vein

I have seen a lady that could whisper her melodious voice into my ears

I have seen a lady whose handkerchief could wipe my tears

I have seen a lady with whom I could tour far nations

I have seen a lady with whom I could swim deep oceans

I have seen a lady that having her in my life could be a one-plus- ultra

I have seen a lady that could put smile on my face when I have no extra

I have seen a lady that could help me out of coop and quenches my thirst

In have seen a lady! a lady that could lead my way to the never-never land at last.

Muhammad Rabi’u Jibrin (Mr. J)

Funakaye Local Government,

Gombe State

Mr. J

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