Adamu Usman Garko (with his plant a tree sensitisation placard)

1. One would marvel that at just secondary school stage you come up with this project?

Yes. I want to make a change. I am a changemaker. Everyone should expect this from me and even more to come. It is for the benefit of our society.

2. Why do you think the project Plant A Tree is important in the societies?

This is important for a number of reasons.

  • It helps our sight
  • It prevents our soil from erosion
  • It prevents our land from desert encroachment
  • It prevents flooding, and
  • It beautifies our surroundings

3. At this stage, you are also a writer, tell us how writing has shaped your understanding of the need of a safer environment.

Well. While in my cave off writing, I have understood that having a safe environment paves a way to a healthy life. So I write.

4. I am curious, I want to know in what dimension does this project attain to the eradication of menaces like erosion and flooding?

It is a good question. One could also ask in what ways would such menaces be eradicated… This project educates the younger ones, especially the students, about the benefits derived from a tree. It enlightens the general public on the importance of trees.

5. If there is a consistency of this project for the next 10 years, what should we expect of its future outcome?

Yes, good question. We should expect a more beautiful environment. A healthier environment. A safer environment.

Thank you Adamu.

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